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Uttarakhand is now going to sell the eco friendly sleepers to France - Discover Uttarakhand

Reports coming from Dehradun that the Uttarakhandi Eco friendly sleepers are now going to sell in France. The slippers are made up with the trees of Bhimal which can be found in the reason of Tehri and pauri Garhwal.
This is frist time that the people from France are going to wear indian style sleepers. Which are purely eco friendly.
France has ordered 10 thousand sleepers from Uttarakhand and said that we will order mor and more as requirements.
Uttarakhand is selling thees sleepers at the rate of 3 dollars per pairs. Now the Uttarakhand handcraft and handicraft development counseling (UHHDC) is talking charges to give the employment to the people of Uttarakhand.

Rishikesh the city of spirituality - Discover Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is the place of spirituality and yoga...!!!
Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world so that the place itself is a status symbol. Rishikesh is located at the foothill of Shivalik Himalayas range and the bank of The river Ganges. From all over the world devotees and the yoga students came here to visit the holy The river Ganges and learn the yoga in the ashrams in Rishikesh.
Rishikesh is the place of peace and spiritual thing hear you can do meditation at the bank of the river Ganges and inspire yourself. As we know Rishikesh is a great spiritual place so that you can do meditation hear for your self-growth and peace.
Rishikesh is also known as the adventure city reason behind this hear is a well set up of adventure activities like bungee jumping, Flying fox, Giant Swing. The setup of adventure activities in Rishikesh is set up by the experts from Newzwland.

Unexplored Harshil - Discover Uttarakhand

Harshil the valley unexplored...!!!
Harshil is known as the Ganges Valley because the river Ganges coming throughout this place from the Gangotri Himalayas. Harshil is unexplored valley not because which is the deepest Valley of river Ganges Valley because is the most adorable valley which is situated at the height of 3000 m.
As we know river Ganges coming from Gangotri in the route of Gangotri the house where is situated just around 40 to 50 km before it. This is the value where you can get the Apple Gardens around you when you can feel the real nature and the Majestic Himalayas peace in the lap of Harsil Valley. Valley is fully covered by Devdar trees and the apple trees around the Roadways.
The purity of the river Ganges you can see in Harshil. Crystal clear water in the river Ganges and upper Himalayas start from Harshil.
There is deep forest which is all covered by Devdar trees and the feel in the nature you can admire the beauty and can explore it deeply.
The pease and the Majes…

Mystical beauty of Chopta - Discover Uttarakhand

Chopta the valley which is known as the mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand. The beauty in the lap of the Himalayas and the top of Shivalik ranges in Chopta you can feel the real nature and the Mystical weather changes in minutes.
Chopta is a place where the top of Chopta valley which is known as Chandrashila peak. The place where Lord Rama Penance to Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva came to the near of Chandrashila peak the place is known as Tungnath where the lord Shivas  Temple. That's why the place Tungnath if famous it comes under the five Kedars which are well known for the lord shivas five jyotirlingas in Uttarakhand.
The feel that you observe in the peak of Chandrashila is admiring. The feel of spirituality in the Tungnath temple is unforgettable hear you can feel the silence of nature and explore the real nature.
Good Vibes Hindi Himalayas which you can see from the top of Chandrashila peak there you can see the Chaukhamba peak of Himalayas.
The topography of Chopta is similar to th…